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A Plan For A Walkable Atlanta

October 22, 2008

In 2004, Atlanta Mayor Shirley Franklin formed a Task Force for the purpose of outlining a plan to make Atlanta a more walkable city. The Task Force met over the course of six months and developed a plan that they presented to the Mayor on September 14, 2004. The Task Force formulated six goals that would help shape the initiatives. Those goals are the following:

  • Adopt transportation principles, street design guidelines and measurement tools that encourage walking, cycling and use of public transit, and act to reduce traffic.
  • Minimize procedural barriers to a walkable environment by providing adequate staffing, facilitating collaboration among city departments and implementing objective and equitable systems for prioritizing projects.
  • Minimize physical barriers to a walkable environment by building and maintaining a functional and aesthetically pleasing pedestrian infrastructure.
  • Strengthen and enforce traffic laws that protect pedestrians.
  • Improve the relationship between the pedestrian and the built environment by implementing new zoning, enforcing existing guidelines and encouraging development that provides walkable destinations.
  • Build support for a walkable Atlanta by holding special events and campaigns promoting the benefits of walking.

The report that was presented to the Mayor can be downloaded here: The Plan For A Walkable Atlanta. I did not live in Atlanta during the years after this report was completed, so I can not comment on which steps, if any, were implemented. I would like to hear from anyone who did live in Atlanta during that time about whether or not you think Atlanta has made steps towards being more walkable.


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