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Loudon, TN, Is On The Right Track

October 30, 2008

This past weekend, while I drove around to the surrounding East Tennessee towns around Knoxville, I stopped into Loudon, TN, a small town on the Tennessee River west of Knoxville. I have to say, I was quite impressed with what is happening in that little town. Loudon is the county seat of Loudon County, so the Loudon County courthouse is located there. It’s a very pretty courthouse in the center of the old downtown area.

Historic Courthouse, Loudon, TN

Historic Courthouse, Loudon, TN

The new courthouse is located elsewhere, but the historic courthouse is still there and is slated for a complete renovation with a federal grant.

In addition to the courthouse renovation, there is also considerable revitalization going on downtown in other private buildings. There is a two-story old warehouse that is being converted to commercial space on the lower level and residential loft-style condos on the upper level. There is also a plan to connect the downtown area to the riverfront area with a pedestrian walkway.

It seems to me that Loudon is experiencing the type of renaissance that will lead to a very livable city. It is experiencing a type of synergy that occurs when private investment is paired with public investment along with supportive residents, businesses, and city goverment. It reminded me of where I used to live, downtown Newnan, GA, although Newnan has about four times the population of Loudon. County-wide the population of Loudon County is about 60,000, compared to about 110,000 in Coweta County where Newnan is located. It could be several years away from a bustling downtown area like Newnan’s but it is well on it’s way.


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