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Places That Please, December 19, 2008

December 19, 2008

Continuing the end-of-the-week roundup of interesting placemaking articles, here is Places That Please for December 19, 2008. I hope you enjoy the articles as much as I did!

1. “Soured Economy” Offers Another Reason to Rethink One-Way Streets – I’ve never been a big fan of one-way streets. They cause people to drive faster, since everyone is going in the same direction. They’re also very difficult to navigate if you are not familiar with the area. This article is from the Sustainable Savannah blog from Savannah, GA, one of my favorite cities. Savannah is full of one-way streets in its old, downtown grid.

2. Stimulus Package on Track to Perpetuate Transportation Status Quo – People are getting upset that Obama’s great “stimulus plan” isn’t going to spend money on the right things. It looks like most of the money will go to roads and bridges, not to increasing and improving the nations public transit systems and pedestrian and bicycle networks. Now, that’s change we can believe in.

3. Best Careers 2009: Urban and Regional PlannerThe times, they are a-changin’. The changing political climate and greater interest in sustainability has made urban and regional planner one of the best jobs for 2009. That’s a great outlook, especially since I’m planning to go back to school and get a master’s degree in that very soon!

4. Sean Sweeney: Soho Must Be Preserved for SUVs – What a short-sighted idiot. What more can I say?

5. Broken Sidewalks – This blog from Louisville, KY, shows something that cities do in sidewalks all the time that would never be tolerated in the street.


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