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Places That Please, January 2, 2009

January 2, 2009

Continuing the end-of-the-week roundup of interesting placemaking articles, here is Places That Please for January 2, 2009. I hope you enjoy the articles as much as I did! Sorry you only get four articles this time.

1. Skills in Planning — Writing Literature Reviews – I’ve been enjoying Dr. Forsyth’s articles on Planetizen, because they deal alot with graduate school.

2. This Week’s Finds in Planning – This is Dr. Martin Krieger’s blog. Dr. Krieger is a professor at USC. It’s a very interesting blog. I’ve learned alot about how professorships, tenure, and Ph.D.s work that I didn’t know before.

3. Atlanta Envious of New Phoenix Light Rail – Atlanta needs to do something badly about its traffic problem. Its public transit system is lacking adequate coverage to be a viable alternative to driving. I believe people will begin deciding not to move to Atlanta, or, even worse, people will begin leaving Atlanta if the problem isn’t remedied.

4. Without Funding, State Transportation Projects Stall – This is actually good news to me. States and cities should spend more money on non-motorized transportation options to alleviate the mounting traffic problems in our cities.


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