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Smarter Transportation Economic Stimulation

February 4, 2009

Over at Planetizen, Todd Littman posted a report that was just published entitled “Smart Transportation Economic Stimulation: Infrastructure Investments That Support Strategic Planning Objectives Provide True Economic Development.” It discusses various factors to consider when evaluating which transportation initiatives will stimulate the economy. This paragraph provides a clear reason why Congress should focus more money on transit than on highway expansion.

…automobile travel will no longer grow as it has during the last century (it declined last year), while transit demand is increasing. During the last decade transit travel grew 24% compared with a 10% increase in vehicle miles of travel. Many transit systems now carry maximum peak period capacity, constraining further growth. Increasing capacity and improving service quality would allow even more shifts from driving to transit. Although public transit serves only about 2% of total U.S. trips, it serves a much larger portion of urban travel. Transit share is even higher for travel to large commercial centers, and so has relatively large economic importance.

Please take moment to read it…and send a copy to your Senator and Representative.

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