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Visit to Georgia Tech City Planning Department

April 9, 2009

techtowersignLast Friday, April 3, I visited the Georgia Tech City Planning department for their Spring Open House. There were about 35 people there in all and the program was very well organized and informative. It started out with short introductiontory remarks from the director, Dr. Bruce Stiftel. Then we heard short presentations from some alumni about what they did from day to day in their planning jobs. We then heard from some current students about what kind of projects they were currently involved with in the program. We then heard short presentations from the Center for Quality Growth and Regional Development and the Center for Geographic Information Systems. We also got a short tour of the Georgia Tech campus lead by the Associate Dean of the College of Architecture.

Being from Atlanta and having attended Georgia Tech for my undergraduate degree, it was like being home. After the day was over, I went on to my parents’ house since I hadn’t seen them in a few months. I made the comment to my mom that I felt at home. I felt like I was supposed to be there. Part of it was that I was familiar with Georgia Tech’s campus, but part of it was also that I guess I just feel at home on college campuses. I like the academic atmosphere of university campuses.

Honestly, I was beginning to reconsider whether I wanted to actually go that route, but being there and experiencing Georgia Tech again really got me excited about the prospects of going back to school again. I still have to really think it through because it’s going to be a huge time commitment, but at least I know what I can expect more clearly now.


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