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May 15: Bike to Work Day

May 1, 2009

May is “Bike Month,” and May 15 is “Bike to Work Day.” This is something I’ve never done, so I have made the committment to do it this year. Unfortunately, I live about 16 miles from work and would have to ride on VERY busy roads to get to work, but I think I can swing it if I get creative. I believe I will ride my bike from my house to the downtown Knoxville bus station (about 4 miles), ride the Express bus from there to as close as it goes to my office, then ride the bike the rest of the way (about 4 miles). So in all, I would be riding the bike about 8 miles that day and the bus the remainder of the way. The buses have bike racks on the front, so this should be doable.


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